Old Port of Montreal Concrete Wood Ring

Once Upon a Time, a Wood Ring Was Born!

Our shop Atelier du bon Bouleau offers unique quality wood rings handmade with creativity, happiness & passion near by Montréal in St-Lambert, Québec, Canada.  Jeweler, Mathieu Chaume dit Schaum is the Artisan Designer of Atelier du bon Bouleau and is helping couples to make their dream to come true. in a unique way. 

Every Ring Has a Story, What is Yours?

Special inlays:

Gold 14K, Silver 925, Diamond, Sapphire, Water Pearl, Quartz,  Turquoise, Rubis, Lapis Lazuli, New York City Central Park  Bridge Concrete, Old Port fo Montreal Concrete, Champlain Lake Sand, Meteorite rock,  Moonstone rock.

Create your own design: we are specialized in customs orders.

For a very special wooden ring inlay, you may send us your favorite rock, sand, building concrete, street dust, tree or unique item where you met your love for the first time, anything special and significative can be used for an inlay. This customized ring will become a unique way to celebrate your love story!

Specialized in fine Wood Work Art, the jeweler experience of Mathieu Schaum was gain over the years from the École Ébénisterie d'Art of Montréal, Québec, Canada.  Our bentwood rings are surprisingly strong and will last forever. We offer a 100% Satisfaction money back guarantee as your experience during this unique decision is very important to us.  Your choosen ring has a very durable polished finished. It is hypoallergenic, waterproof, ecological, recyclable, eternal, simple and unique. Enjoy your wooden ring for your engagement, wedding, prom bal, mother's day, father's day, to offer as a gift to your special friend or to buy a unique wooden design jewel for yourself.

Our mantra:  Life is good with good people! 
M. Schaum

Saint-Lambert, Québec, Canada 

Handcrafted in CANADA

Specialized in custom order