Mathieu Chaume dit Schaum is a wood work art designer from École d'ébenisterie d`art de Montréal. Passionated about wood, traveling and hiking in the forest and mountains, it was during a walk in the German Black Forest where the idea of ​​creating the Atelier du bon bouleau was borned. The quality of our products reflects the happiness and joy of wearing our locally handmade in Canada creation in simplicity, love and respect of nature. Originally the workshop is a place where we work wood. It becomes the place of creation of the craft and the fine arts. It also refers to the group of people working under the direction of a master.  Worked with care and love, these creative wooden jewelries will make everyone happy and can be offered as a gift to oneself and to the people who are dear to you! Create your story. We want your entire satisfaction during your purchase at our shop. Our products are 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Our mantra: Life is good with good people!  Share happiness!


1. Choose the best wood veneer quality 2. Cut the wood veneer at 1cm width by 30cm long 3. Put the veneer stripes in Hot water for 15min 4. Remove water from the veneer with paper towel 5. With a mandrin, roll and turn manually the veneer and put a thin layer of CA glue 6. Use a black tape if required to keep the ring in circle during the drying 7.  Remove black tape after 5min 8. On the lathe, with a knife cut each side to reduce the ring width 9. Use a dremel to sand the exact inside size of the ring 10. On the lathe, sand the ring with multiple grain 120, 220, 320, 600 ( add natural oil during the sanding), 2000 (with natural oil) 11. Put a first external finish with Beeswax and carnauba 12. Put 4 to 6 layers of CA glue mixed with natural oil on a paper towel during 5 to 10 min waiting to dry between each coat 13. Put 4 to 6 layers of CA glue inside the ring with a wooden toothpick. 14. Sand inside the ring manually with multiple grain mixed with natural oil 15. Sand outside on the lathe with multiple grain and mineral oil 2000grain. 16. Polishing on the lathe with carnauba wax and dry paper towel at the end with no pressure. 17. Enjoy the finish product at the quality control desk with Jewelry magnificent glass bring some corrective if required. 18. Prepare the wooden gift and packaging for shipping 19. Drive to post office 20. Send tracking number and thank you message to customer

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